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ERP Integration

Successfully implementing ERP in your organization requires strategy planning, process focused and people focused approaches. This is the way of managing the risk coming from the huge amount of organizational changes connected with an ERP integration. You do not need to be on your own during the whole integration process.

We are proposing consultancy service connected with the ERP integration life cycle phases, which are:

Your Infrastructure Challenges

If you are already getting benefits from the efficiency improvements and business optimizations, provided by your well organized IT infrastructure, then you are familiar with the challenges coming along with the infrastructure maintenance:

  • The need to sustain IT staff with proper knowledge for supporting the servers, databases and applications
  • Your IT department should be capable of development and continuous improvement of the support processes as a backbone of the IT operations
  • The continuity of the IT operations is crucial for the business activities and you need to have a system for automatic monitoring of the configuration items along with other tools for managing the incidental failures in the IT environment
  • It is important reporting tools to be developed and maintained in order the management of your company to receive a clear information about the benefits and the expenditures made for the infrastructure maintenance
GoodSpring Technologies is addressing these challenges as described here.
Our Support Proposal
GoodSpring Technologies is providing high class configuration management, incident management, problem management, change management and continuity management services with the following set of features:
  • SLA based contract with guarantees for achieving the quality measures, included in it
  • Well trained and knowledgeable IT staff working in your favor. Unless otherwise specified, we share our resource between our clients, which gives the opportunity for cost efficiency. If you have the need for a dedicated support team, please follow this link.
  • We are providing the service while using the world wide standards and best practices, and ITIL based support process
  • 24x7 monitoring of the configuration items guarantees short reaction times in case of  failures
  • Monthly reporting gives you the opportunity to have a clear understanding regarding the quality of the service provided